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Superior Abrasives

Manufacturer of industrial grade coated & non-woven abrasive products such as quick change discs, belts & specialties


Modern Abrasives

The largest producer of industrial mounted points in the world.


Rex-Cut Products

High performance abrasive products for grinding, deburring, and finishing. Our market niche is in stainless, aluminum, and exotic metals. Manufacturer of the world's finest abrasive cotton fiber grinding and finishing products. Exclusive representative for Latin America.

Gunter Wendt

Flap wheels, flap discs, non-woven surface finishing and polishing products, felt super polishing products, etc. Exclusive representative for Latin America.

Sun Abrasives

High quality coated abrasives: zirconia cloth, compact grain, film. Representative for Latin America.

Gemtex Abrasives

Fiber discs, Trimkut discs, surface conditing material, handpads, quickchange discs, sandscreen. Representative for Latin America.


Leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of welding products, carbide burs and annular cutters.



Coated abrasives: paper, cloth and fiber products, non-slip and nail. Representative for Latin America.


Hi-flex sponges, sanding blocks, hook and loop foam pads, orbital sanding pads. Exclusive representative for Mexico.

Linda Yen

Taiwanese leading supplier of backing pads for abrasive tools.

Iwata Saw

Leading Japanese manufacturer of TCT and PCD saw blades

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